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The Brazilian hammock. Comfortable en decorative

Supergrote Braziliaanse hangmat

Our hammocks are mainly made in the state of Ceará in Northeastern Brazil, the most important center of hammock production in Brazil.

In Brasil a lot of people sleep in hammocks all year round. So these Brasilian hammocks are made to be comfortable and durable.

Our Brazilian hammocks are made from 100% coton. They are available in different sizes and types.

The small hammocks have a bed dimension of 220cm X 120 cm, while for the larger hammocks this will be 230cm X 165cm or more.

As you may notice from our pictures, we don't have the brazilian style hammocks with a wooden separator on each end. The brazilians always lay diagonally in the hammock thereby spreading the hammock out.

Our Brazilian hammocks

Afwerking_Braziliaanse_hangmat_Ceara_240 (53K)
The Ceara

De Ceara is our smallest hammock. With a simple but nice finish.

An excellent choice. A good hammock for a very competitive price. Sizes can differ a little bit per type.

Afwerking Braziliaanse hangmat Mucuripe Afwerking Braziliaanse hangmat Icarema
The Icarema

Large hammock, with nice handmade finish.

A perfect choice for a good price

Afwerking Braziliaanse hangmat Remanso

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How to hang a Brazilian hammock

Knoop maken om de Braziliaanse hangmat op te hangen Knoop maken om de Braziliaanse hangmat op te hangen

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Get into a Brazilian hammock

p>Do never climb in the hammock with your feet first. Stand with your back to the hammock and sit down.

Pull your feet into the hammock and lay down.

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